The Courtyard Presents...

The Official HQ of Stanton F. Fink

Thank you for visiting my humble little place on the Net. My gallery, The Courtyard, features my various experiments in art and literature. I hope you enjoy.

Most people who see my art consider it to be a weird, beautiful amalgamation of the elegant and the macabre. Of course, some others think it's just ugly and disturbing.

Either way, I enjoy displaying my art, so long as it is aesthetically pleasing.

I want to thank my friend, Zack, for being my overly-witty companion since Middle School, and my friend, Assad, for being my Number 1 Yes-Man, and soon-to-be business partner. (Zack's my Number 1 No-Man)

Apu Deitu~!!!!
New stuff...
Well... Not really, if you're one of my constant viewers...
I've posted a page of some of my best Undead... With a new pic, though!

Alternate Sites Featuring My Art...
I have other galleries of my art, one being in Elfwood, and another in Stonegate's archives. My Elfwood gallery is the most frequently updated of my galleries, primarily because it's been my unofficial headquarters on the Net for over a year.

What Does My Eightball Say?
Hmmm... Hopefully, I'll get some more monsters inked, and scanned soon. With in the month, I'll hopefully find enough time to color them, too.